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Thread: How do you keep warm?

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    How do you keep warm?

    I live in fun flat florida and it is 48 degrees out. I have my Navy pea coat and 2 sports coats. Also wear long underware shirts. Not much cold weather gear.

    It took me 9 hours to get warm yesteray after getting into bed, my legs turn to ice. Now there are several errands that need to be done (more coffee) and several meetings.

    When I get home, please tell me how to get warm. I am from the old school and elecric blankets are not allowed.

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    If I'm at home and I can't get warm I just use the hair dryer for a second

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    microwave beanbags

    dreamtime makes nice ones too

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    An electric balnket works pretty good. Be sure not to set it too high fo too long.

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    Turn up the heater and build a fire.

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    Im from Florida too and yes it has been really cold out. When I get really cold I drink hot tea, turn on the portable heater, and put on a beanie hat and in about an hour im pretty warm.

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    several ways--hot cider, hot chocolate
    silk long underwear
    microwavable neck wrap
    flannel lined jeans
    fire in fireplace stove
    stocking hat
    down throw afgan

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    Silk or polyprop long underwear is a good idea.

    Wear a stocking cap. You loose about 1/3 of your body heat from your head.

    Flannel sheets for bed (or a heated waterbed) and use a down comforter with a duvet cover instead of top sheet and blankets. Very warm, but light so it does not interfere with turns and can easily be thrown off if you get too warm.

    Be VERY careful about electric blankets, heating pads, hot water bottles, microwaved items, etc. I have seen some really awful burns from all of these, as well as shin and leg burns from sitting in front of fireplaces or space heaters or over forced-air floor vents.

    Crank up your heat. If you have not applied for special utility rates from your utility company, call and ask about these. Temperature intolerance should qualify you for a lower rate for both heat (winter) and cooling (summer).


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    calling my oil comp @ that heat /cold intolerance!!

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    I have an electric mattress pad (covers the whole mattress) on my bed. Over that I have a waterproof mattress pad and then a regular one. It has a thermostat and is plugged into a "Plug'n'power" X-10 module from Radio Shack so I can switch it on and off whenever I want; it's great to warm the bed up before I get in. I have never felt it get hot enough to burn. In case I fall asleep and wake up too warm, I have an X-10 type timer (also available at Shack) set to switch it off at midnight. You can get the mattress pads at JC Penney.
    I also have electric heaters (plugged into x-10 modules) in my bedroom and office, to put extra heat right where I am instead of the whole house.

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