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Thread: Gift memories

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    Gift memories

    This isn't limited to xmas stuff, what's the most memorable gift you've received of the feel-good kind?

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    My sister-in-law gave us a mini photo album for our 25th anniversary. It had pictures of our kids and extended family with appropriate quotes that told a little "this is your life" story.

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    I recently had my first wedding shower. There was an elderly woman there who taught my Sunday School class with I was very little so has known me pretty much all my life. Attached to her gift was a note that said this:

    "I thought it was a tragedy that you were injured so young. I prayed for years that you would receive a miracle. Looking at you now with all of your accomplishments and success, I know you got one."

    That was so sweet!

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    Nice topic Strat.

    My mom is quite nostalgic. Over the past 5 yrs ago since her mom/dad (my grandparents) died she has been sending me various family heirlooms (art, books, photos, etc.)that have been passed down generationally and have a lot of meaning.

    The items are very cool but the stories she attaches to them are fascinating and just as, or more so, precious.

    LindsayS, great story. I agree with the sentiment given by your former teacher. Best of luck with your pending nuptials.

    Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy all your gifts and thank you for your contributions to CC - they are gifts as well.


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    when i was young my dad got severely burned in teh steel mill and was out of work during xmas, which meant not much money coming in so my mom made my gifts....she hand made and hand painted cabbage patch dolls.

    and my other best gift is my star saphire pinky ring. i was always in love with the one my mom had so for my birthday she got me one. it looks just like hers but alot smaller to fit on my pinky.

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