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Thread: how do people get away w/ stuff like this?

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    Two hours later and I'm still reading this guy's stuff lol

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    Originally posted by c kennedy:

    Two hours later and I'm still reading this guy's stuff lol
    Why does your site look so ****ty?

    Why do you use such huge fonts?

    My site looks ****ty for the following reasons:
    Mine isn't the only site on the internet that uses a simple layout, perhaps you've heard of this one?

    This site, as ****ty as it looks, gets over 1 million hits per month.
    i like this guy! LMAO!

    "Now the only healthy way to live, as I see it, is to learn to like all the little every day things."
    ~ Gus McCrae

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    Who is this Maddox person? If he doesn't want e-mail he should leave his e-mail address off his tirades. To complain that Reeve didn't have an SCI foundation before his accident is spurious and attempts to make the victim the evil doer. Did Maddox set up a foundation for hack writers before he became one? We can sit in our chairs and cast stones at Reeve, but what have we done for our plight, either sigularly or as a group? Damn little. Is it because of Reeve's celebraty that Maddox spews his vindictive at the man? Maddox's writings appear to be from a little perosn trying to bring all others down to his level.

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    Does "satire" have anything to do regarding this discussion or satirist?

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