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    For the guy quads

    Hey I need some info. When you first start to date a girl you want to spend time with her but how do you go about cathing or asking her to cath you, supposing you havent been intimate. Cause if you go on a date you gotta cut it short to make it back home for someone to cath you. Ahhhhh this cathing stuff sucks .... can you please share your experiences with this?

    Oh and if she does or when she does...where does she cath you do you take her into the mens bathroom with you? This is crazy

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    Most women I've dated have wonder How I goto the bathroom so I explain it to them. If they want to be around you they will understand. I'm a C-7 quad and I do all my cathing by myself. I did let a girl friend watch me cath one time. There's nothing nasty about it. She couldn't understand how that big of a tube could go into that small of a hole. I was hoping she was a keeper...

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    Quadpro, have you ever considered a suprapubic catheter?

    It would certainly free up your life.

    ...may be worth considering...

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    yo man

    do you ever use leg bags? i can cath on my own but if i couldn't i'd go for the travel leg bag over the suprapubic catheter, which requires surgey. good luck.

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