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Thread: Was alcohol a factor in your injury?

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    Was alcohol a factor in your injury?

    This question came up one night in chat a few weeks ago...and I thought it might make for an interesting topic/discussion.

    For how many other people here was alcohol a factor in your SCI? Either yourself or someone else.

    I've never had a drop in my life, yet alcohol changed my life...I didn't get in the car with him...I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just goes to show that yourself isn't the only person you put at risk when you drink, I guess.

    So, who else cites alcohol as a contributing factor to your SCI?

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    not a factor for mine at all.

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    Yep, hit by a drunk driver.

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    not mine!!! just a little ole 83 year old Lady

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    Same as Seneca

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    Originally posted by november:

    May I ask about details: I mean there are two ways alcohol can make the story running - first one is YOU drunk prior to your accident, second is that someone ELSE drunk ... ???

    Gansta :-)

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    Yes, totally in mine

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    I was drunk riding with another drunk.

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