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Thread: Globechaser / Kiran without a squishy avitar face???

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    Globechaser / Kiran without a squishy avitar face???

    Hey Y'all!

    I clicked a link in the "Life" section about a new website for women with disabilities (don't know why, being male quad...)

    On the splash page is a picture that looks like Globechaser's pic. Minus the squish factor...

    Globe/Kiran is that you?

    If I may say without sounding creepy or disrespectful.... You are an exceptionaly beautiful woman!

    So members, if you are curious, check it out.

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    That's her picture all right. She's got some great photos of her from sporting events on and linked from this site, too.


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    CowboyCrip, we've known the existence of our beauty here long ago! It's OK, don't be upset, it's never too late!!! Suzanne

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    You guys are ridiculously sweet.
    Now stop it.
    I'll go from having a squishy face to a swelled one.

    Not a pretty sight.

    Happy Holidays!

    "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." - Oscar Wilde

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    I knew I was flirtin' with a Hottie!!!!

    Whoa! U R way outta my league.


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