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    Last night I had a dream that I wish had been real. I dreamt that I was walking and could see myself as in a mirror. When I woke up, it made me feel so good. The reason for my happiness was that I had not dreamt myself like that in such a long time. It made me feel like for a moment I was walking again. Too bad it was only a dream.

    Has anyone ever dreamt themselves walking and being able to see themselves as they walked?


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    I'm walking in all my dreams and moving my fingers. I tend to always have a conversation with someone in my dream explaining how I suddenly regained my body. I'm usually back at work around my co-workers. My biggest fascination is being able to wiggle my fingers. God how I hate to wake up after those dreams.


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    I have dreams where I'm walking all the time and yes it does suck when you wake up and come back to the real world. I also have dreams where somebody is chasing me but I'm moving in slow motion like I can't move fast enough to get away from them. I think that is because I had the same feeling the night I got shot.


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    Have dreamed myself walking and actually more recently, even others that I know are crips walkin too just doing everyday stuff. And no, it's not cuz I'm a cure addict. I find it strange to dream about others like that.
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    In most of my dreams how I move is not apparent ( ie. no wheelchair or walking) but I rarely dream I'm in my chair. If I am aware of walking it's always wrong somehow, like I'll be walking but slowly or knowing I can't. Or I'll be walking but still be limited by SCI.

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    In My dreams I can walk but there is something still wrong wreather or not im limping or have a cane or something that is slowing me down I havent everdreamed that i am in a chair


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    I haven't had one dream in the last 18.5 years (at least not that I can remember) where I have been able to walk. In all of my dreams I am in my wheelchair. I know, I know...I'm weird. What can I say?

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