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Thread: anyone start their own business post-sci?

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    anyone start their own business post-sci?

    I've got a few random, off-the-wall concepts going through my head that may or may not be viable, but I'm curious what some of you have done if you've started a business post-sci.

    Anyone have a story to tell?

    ~ scott

    Remember yesterday... Live today... Dream about tomorrow...

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    Hey Scott

    I haven't started a business of my own but I know a couple of ppl who have post-SCI.

    A close friend of mine started a medical supplies business which would track down the cheapest stuff, and send it to ppl's doors. He's had huge success. He also has new products all the time which improve self-care and he provides free samples to all his customers.

    Another friend started his own computer business which involves advice for e-commerce and I believe it is also a hosting company. He's employed a couple of other guys with SCIs and they've also had a huge success. (
    A lady I just met owns a business up in Whistler which finds accessible trails during the summer, and rents out mountain bike chairs (have you seen those things!??!? They are wicked.)for tourists headed up there, and she's another successful businesswoman.

    I live in an area where a lot of ppl with SCIs live, and so I'm sure I'll find some other stories. If I do, I'll post em.

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    Thanks Kiran... good stuff.

    Part of what I'm curious about is startup funding... i.e. if there are any disability-related grants, etc out there. Gotta deal w/ this SCI crap, might as well milk it for what it's worth.

    The Whistler business sounds tight. I've seen the DH chairs & yeah, they are pretty wicked. If I had a lower injury I might consider them; I miss real adrenaline. There are some decent trails closeby... ah, the good old days.

    ~ scott

    Remember yesterday... Live today... Dream about tomorrow...

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    The first place to start to look for funding is the small business administration S.B.A. Call you r local S.B.A. and start from there.There are so many programs available.Its a fact that monies available for business start ups from the S.B.A. are never really taken advantage of,I dont know what level of function your at, but it must be good or you wouldnt be thinking about a business.

    Barnes and Nobles,Borders and such,are great places to learn about the S.B.A. I dont know if you have ever seen that crazy guy on T.V. named Lesco but his books on grants are fantastic,you can also find his books at major bookstores.

    Good luck, this is totally possible.


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    Thanks Jimmy, that's encouraging. I'll head over to B&N & check out the SBA stuff someday. Right now I'm snowed in.

    That Lesko character definitely does seem like a wack job, but who knows... I suppose it doesn't hurt to look.

    I'm C6/7, and right now it's just a concept I've got that's bouncing around my mind... figured I'd ask.

    ~ scott

    Remember yesterday... Live today... Dream about tomorrow...

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    This organization will also assist you in learning about special programs for people with disabilities, and will help you develop your business plan. Their services are free:

    Disabled Businesspersons Association


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