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Thread: Anyone use the Firecracker Home Automation System?

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    Anyone use the Firecracker Home Automation System?

    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone here use the Firecracker Home Automation System? How do you like? Respond here of e-mail me directly at Any quick responses would be great! Thanks!


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    I have used it for about two years. It is a great simple way to automate light switches or lamps without going to allot of expense like some of the expensive software packages. I don't use the software as much as I use the physical X10 remote Control but if I need to its there. Make sure you don't have anything else using the 9 pin serial port on your computer or there will be conflicts.

    Just an example, but we have our Christmas tree and the lights in front of our house plug into X10 modules and can switch them on and off by remote control rather than having to physically plug the chords in and out. My four year-old daughter loves it.

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    cool! thx carl!

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    hey guys i'm lost what are you talking about is this a home alarm system that works via computor, please tell me more. lol gloria

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    I believe it's a system that allows you to turn on lights and apliances by remote or voice control.

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    Gloria, the firecracker package is a very simple little software package which allows you to control lights or lamps and appliances via remote control or from your PC.

    The firecracker package is about $40 and allows you to control a couple of lamps. Additional light controllers are 10 or $15 apiece according to what you need to control. it won't do everything, but is well worth the price.

    I have 10 or 12 of the switches throughout my house and I enjoy the convenience very much. Probably cost me $200 to do most of the light switches in my home. Five years ago when I left rehab, they sent a guy out to give me an estimate on doing the whole House and he wanted $16,000 to do everything including the doors. Damn glad I did not do that.

    Here is a link to the firecracker:

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