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Thread: things to do with kids when you're in bed

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    things to do with kids when you're in bed

    No, I promise this is NOT about Michael Jackson LOL.

    Since my last attempt to start a topic went south I wasn't ever planning to come out of lurk mode again, but I wanted to ask if anybody has ever been in this situation.

    Like I mentioned before, I am really suseptible to skin breakdown problems on account of being like 150 pounds and 6 feet tall, and the docs have already told me they can't do any more flap surgeries on me without taking my leg BUT this is not about that. My problem right now is being that my PCA noticed I had a red spot last week I'm trying to spend some more time in bed, which is rough because my job around here is basically to pick up and watch the kids after school while my sis & b-i-l are working. Getting the kids home is no problem, they can get rides with friends but what to do with them in the house if I can't get out of bed? Usually all I do when this happens in the past is watch them do their homework but that gets old fast and they really do not need to be watching as much TV as I do LOL. I should at least be glad that its winter and they don't want to go outside much, but any more it's getting harder and harder to keep them amused. Anyway, my niece is 11 and the nephews are 10 and 8, they're good kids but they need more excitement than this old quad can provide them right now LOL.

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    LOL I was thinking Michael Jackson too.

    I don't know how to answer your question since I haven't got any kids... um, maybe board games???

    On another note, hope u heal fast.

    "The only true currency in this bankrupt what you share with someone else when you're uncool." - Almost Famous

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    any technology stuff you could play with them..
    play against them via computer ?

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    i was thinking board games also. i'm on bed rest now due to a pressure ulcer and i have a 13 and 8yr old at home and i find that alot of the time they just want my time, you know talking about things like school,boys and just their feelings in general and it may even be cooler for you because you're the uncle and they may open up and discuss things with you that they may not with the parents. so give it a try you may be surprised!good luck gloria

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    Board games!

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    Hey Slider~Your Michael Jackson intro cracked me up! I have got to stop watching the news so much...

    Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about your enforced bed rest; I hope that clears up quickly. I have another suggestion for you: read aloud to the kids. Just because they're older and can read on their own doesn't mean we (as the big people in their lives) should stop reading to them. There are tons of great books out there that would hold their attention. I'd be happy to give you some ideas if you want...

    Good Luck!
    Vicky (the Librarian )

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    Yesterday I searched for printable mazes and puzzles online and found tons. It kept me and my girl busy for longer than I thought it would.

    easy mazes
    amazing picture mazes
    cartoons mazes (Mad magazine-ish)

    there are other non-maze printable activities too. Word search, brain teasers, etc.

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    Get a laser-pointer.
    Wait, that may only work with cats.

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    Slide, my husband Bill is on bedrest for the same problem so we hear ya'!! He keeps the phone handy of course and visits with people fairly often that way, he reads, eats ( as much as he can lying on his side- gotta get the protein into him good for the skin, lots of nuts available right now cause of Xmas) quality time with the kids whenever they happen to be around, he's a TV watcher so he does that plus any movies I rent for him, he's working on teaching our dog to fetch the paper for him (make work project for sure)!! When he's just plain bored with all that -I encourage him to have a conversation with himself and tell his body to get those antibodies and hormones and whatever all to get busy and get his body better (silently to himself, eyes shut, meditatively whatever I don't care) I believe in a strong mind/body connection and I "know" this works (plus I've been watching Depak Chopra on PBS) lol!! Stay strong it's hard I know...sometimes we both just have a good cry at the unfairness of life ...feel better ... and then get on with it !!

    All the best wish I had a better answer!!

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