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Thread: Standing Frame

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    Very nice links everyone. Thank you very much!

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    my son Ryan stands 3 to 4 hours a day. t-9 injured 9-15-01 and has been doing since jan.

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    RustyJames, I dont mean to step on your thread but this deals with standing also,

    I am T-10 with no spasms. I am in the process of getting RGO's. I plan on standing in these as much as possible. From what I have read here should I limit my standing? walking? I was looking forward to getting these and now I thing maybe I should look into a standing frame. Give me some pro's and con's of the two. Does anyone have RGO's??????

    ...act like a survivor not a victim.

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    This is my handmade Standing Frame.

    It costed my family to make it about 50 USD.

    In my opinion Standing Frame is a prerequisitive regulation for people in our condition (I'mT3-T4 two years post).
    After one week of use I can already stand twice a day for 30-40 minutes.

    Take Care

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    Everything I have gotten back has been by utilizing a standing frame or tilt table. I highly recommend it.

    Good luck.


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    Question for those who use standing frames

    I am considering a frame. Its comes down to the easystand 5000, and the econo stand by stand-aid. For those of you who use standing frames, do you have any thoughts on this? Also, any of you who have drawings or plans to build it yourself(standing frame), I would be interested in looking at that option also. btw- Vlady, couldnt get your page to load. Would like to see a pic of your frame. Erin, have you modified your standing frame (yet) so you can get upright?

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    I am a C6,C7 incomplete six months post. I am in the process of purchasing the easy stand 5000 my insurance company will pay for about half of it. I ask my pt therapist and my doctor where to spend my money braces or frame they both agreed the frame would be the best.

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    Originally posted by chasb:

    btw- Vlady, couldnt get your page to load. Would like to see a pic of your frame.
    I don't know what's the problem. Here it opens without any problems.
    Do You mean that the pictures I've attached here can't be seen from you?


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