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Thread: i fell today and i feel emotional

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    i fell today and i feel emotional

    i don't think i broke anything i'll know in a day or two if my leg starts to swell or gets really warm. i was out side putting up christmas ligts and 8 yr old was with me and became very very upset.she went screaming in all directions but still trying to keep an eye on me. she finally got the ex inlaws next door to help,and i feel so much like a helpless cripple right now oh i'm sorry if i sound like i'm having a pity party. i was such a strong woman before and now my kids won't let me out of their site.and to make things worst my ex husband lives next door with his parents.i'm glad he was at work but i'm sure he will find out and i don't wont' him to think i can't even get my xmas decorations done without him.i don't won't him to think that since he walked out on me i'm having a difficult time.and i am having a hard time but i'll be damed if i'll let him have the pleasure of seeing my suffer.well on a better note my tree has been up since before thanksgiving and it's lovely. i got a little more touch ups for the outside and then i have the prettiest house on the block and the first to have me house decorated. i do this for my kids but also to let my family, friends,and enemies know that i'm just as useful as before...and then i go and fall right outside. i just needed to talk to you guys because i now someone understands what i'm feeling and whenever i'm down i come to you guys, hope you don't mind. lol gloria

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    Hi Gloria,

    I feel very sorry to hear that you fell. You have our total support on this forum! And I am furious to learn that your husband walked out on you when it's time you needed him most. I wish I were living next door to you so that I could lend a helping hand whenever necessary! Please do not hesitate to talk to us no matter when you are up or down. Hope you'll be fine and wish you have a wonderful Christmas!


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    O man, gloria, that sucks. I hope your leg is ok! If your a-hole ex isn't impressed, he should be, because I sure am!

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