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Thread: Echo Valley

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    Echo Valley

    You find yourself in a lush, colorful valley. Following a trail, you come the valley head overlooking a vast landscape. A clear stream bubbles and flows over aged, smooth rocks. Strong, tall oaks stand steadfast as guardians. Maples prepare themselves to produce their nectar so those wanting to collect it. Flowering dogwoods spread the sweet scent through the air. Squirrels bark and play in the trees while rabbits munch on the neverending greens of the earth. Fox kits play in a fallen hollow of a tree. Deer graze on the apples ripe and fallen. A bear fishes, slapping at a trout. A gentle breeze whispers in your ear, making the evergreens wave in hello. The sun hugs it all, providing light and warmth that touches the soul.

    Then as one, all attention is turned to you. A sign appears that says "Disturb the peace, it's been done before". So patiently they await for what you might say, for once said, it will repeat itself to the end. Softly whispered, or yelled with might, the words will carry themselves from day to night. A wish granted, a prayer answered, romance conveyed, a joke, biting remark or insult, what be the point? Maybe none, does it matter? Just given the freedom to enjoy and have it all focused on you.

    What would you say?

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    What would you say?[/QUOTE]

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    What would you say?[/QUOTE]

    It would be hard to speak in such a state
    of contentment and awe..but the words would
    be Thank you God.

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    The punk in me would want to say "This is a fucking Mutual of Omaha Soundstage!!!"
    or "Next year you'll be an LL BEAN!!"

    but if I were truly at peace and feeling centered, I would bust out the acoustic
    and play "where are you going" from Godspell.

    Depends on my mood.


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    I love life.


    The square root of -1 is the imaginary number: i.


    Most likely the first, though.


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    OMG! Steven, you crack me up. Did you also know that if you raise the transcendental number "e" to the power of the more well-known transcendental number "pi", you get -1? True! Add this to your list of things only math teachers care about.

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    Just remain still within the calm of the valley, as I listen.

    I would simply sit and listen to the squirrels barking and playing in the trees, while rabbits munch on the neverending greens of the earth, listen to the fox kits playing in a fallen hollow of a tree as deer graze on ripe fallen apples, listen to bear slapping at a trout and listen to the gentle breeze whispering in my ear as the evergreens wave in hello.

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    I would think, very

    Mother nature rocks.

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    I would feel overwhelmed and be content!

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