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Thread: Why do I keep dreaming of my old house?

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    Why do I keep dreaming of my old house?

    Ever since my injury, almost every dream I can remember, in some way or another has had this old house I used to lived in, in it.

    I've lived in the current house for over 10 years, and the house before this one, we only lived in it for a year. We moved in it because our previous house, and every thing we owned was destroyed in a flood.

    It's a small two bedroom house, that was owned by my great aunt. She left it to my mom in her will, and we rented it out after she died. Luckily for us the people renting it moved out weeks before the flood.

    Most of the memories of living in that house are bad ones. It was crowded with a family of 5 living in a 2 bedroom house, barely making it because we had to replace clothes and furnature. We stayed there until the insurance settlement from our old house came in, then we sold it and bought this house.

    In my dreams, I'm sometimes in the house and it's exactly like I remembered it. Sometimes it's different, but I know it's supposed to be that house. Sometimes the dreams take place in the yard or I'll just see the house, but it's always there.

    A couple of nights ago I dreamt I was in the house. It was bigger and two story though, and there was a party going. I wasn't injured or in a wheelchair, but I was sitting down the whole time. I had a drink in my hand and I was just watching everyone. Then I looked out a window from the second story, and saw a silver car drive up and two girls get out. I didn't know them, but one of them caught my attention. They came in the house, and the one that caught my attention came over to me. For the first time in the dream I stood up. I stood up to talk to her, but then I had a leg spasm and woke up.

    I haven't been able to stop thinking about this dream since then. For one thing, when I dream, I usually don't see or remember things that clear and detailed, such as the the drink in my hand, and silver car. Also I saw the girls face, and in my dreams I usually don't see faces, I just know who people are supposed to be.

    I wonder if our dreams mean anything, and if so, what does this one mean?

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    I wonder if our dreams mean anything, and if so, what does this one mean?
    Dreams really don't have much meaning. It's just your conscience tyring to make sense of normal random brain activity during dreaming, such as memories, emotions and feelings.

    I dream of the house I grew up in quite often and that was 25yrs ago. I have very vivid dreams. Most are pleasent and enjoyable and I don't try to "analyize" them, I just enjoy them for what their worth.

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