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Thread: Do you dance?

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    Do you dance?

    Another late night, and I'm procrastinating. A thought popped into my head. When ppl go clubbing, are you the type to sit on the side, order a drink and watch others dance, or do you get in there, and work that ass?

    I have not been out clubbing in AGES...but when I do go out, I find it difficult to just sit on the sidelines while everyone else is out dancing. I love gettin' out there, but I'm not the type to do wheelies and stuff. What kinda dance moves do you guys do?

    I have a friend, (I've only been out to a club once with someone else in a chair) and she does spins and wheelies in her chair. I thought it was a lil awkward, but she seemed to be enjoying herself, so I kept my mouth shut. I dunno, it seemed like she was drawing a lot of unnecessary attention to her chair.

    I've also had some weird club experiences. I remember at a club in Oita, Japan called Cool Bananas, I was out dancing with friends, and this AB guy came right up to me, straddled me and basically gave me a lap dance with his crotch right up in my face. It wasn't pleasant.

    At Atlantis, a local club, I went out clubbing with a bunch of guy friends, so I was the only chick. We went out on the floor and were dancing, when this complete stranger came up to me, whispered something in my ear which I couldn't hear and then planted a sloppy kiss on my ear. I was more scared of what my friends were about to do to this punk than I was disgusted by having his mouth all over my ear. The entire rest of the night, I could barely move, because they had all enclosed me. I've never gone alone with a bunch of guys since, lol.

    I'm curious what kind of experiences you all have had.....
    Good, bad, or do you avoid clubs altogether?

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    Not clubbing but...a friend of mine who is a para likes to contra dance. She's pretty good at it, too.

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    Being deaf, I've never been much of a dancer anyway, so I suppose I'm not missing out on much. Dance, however, seems to be a pretty individual thing, so just do whatever makes you happy.

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    I get dragged out to the dancefloor. I mostly chill, but it seems to make everyone happy when they get me out there. I can also sympathize with your sloppy kiss experience. People tend to get pretty freaky on the dancefloor. Just try to stay away from the etards. Me personally, I would rather go out to a nice dinner a house party than go to a dance club. Wheelies and spins are definitely out. I'm too "cool" conscious for that madness.

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    i haven't been in a club since ive been injured two years ago...the night i was injured i was out clubbin, so i guess i associate it with bad luck...i know its stupid but i just cant help feel that if i didnt go out that night, i wouldnt be in the situation im in now. but dancing is cool...ive never seen a person in a chair out on the dance floor before, but as long as your having fun, who cares.

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    I went out to a club with another woman in a chair and her husband and they danced...had a crazy time, it was fun. I dance at home in my chair and would probably do it in public if I felt comfortable and was encouraged.

    If you're secure enough and don't give a rats bum about what others think then I'd suggest you get out there and work it! You only live once.

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    We go dancing a lot. I don't do wheelies and don't seem to draw too much attention. Years ago I would often get into clubs for free but now that happens fewer and further in between.

    I hate those clubs that have really tall tables with everyone sitting on stools. When the music is loud people are too far away to communicate with. It's bad enough when people are standing but in those clubs you're at a disadvantage when people are sitting, too.

    A bunch of us in chairs had fun dancing one night after our white water rafting trip. It was one of the best times I'd had in a while.

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    Congratulations globechaser; you've managed to spark my first real topic reply in months...

    The off-the-bat answer to Do you dance?: hellz ya! I've been involved with an integrated dance troupe for the past couple of years, and I'd even say that music-driven motion is a main part of my daily physical activity. For the record, I'm C-5 complete quad, teetering between the manual chair (for fitness) and the power chair (for autonomy on the road). And let's just say the motor is entirely uninspiring on the dancefloor .

    The introspective, more-relevant-to-this-topic answer I feel compelled to post in answer to the question: not even close to enough! Something inside me twitched upon reading the clubland context here, probably because I lived, breathed, smoked, drank, pissed, farted and regurgitated the nightlife for several years when I was able-bodied. This era of my life was interrupted by you-know-what just before my 22nd birthday, and I can easily admit that endless, nocturnal romps on the dancefloor were quickly classified at the top of my things-I'm-gunna-miss list. Hence, a prominent psychological barrier in my reintegration to the 'floor, but inexcusable nonetheless, I say. Especially in the clubland mecca of Montreal, but I must point out that accessible nightspots are pretty damn rare. Although I'm not a fraction of the scenester I used to be, I can still find friends in just about any club setting, and can blend into the crowd with my ultra-hip stealth technique. Other dancers have come up with a couple of encouraging chat-up lines in the past couple of years, but I have yet to experience that back-in-the-day vibe of belonging in a niteclub setting. (Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed many inspiring dancefloor moments from the seated position. One highlight is getting drenched in a torrential downpour during one of the summer sidewalk festivals, while Max Graham churned out a vicious set of epic trance that seemed to evolve in perfect synchronicity with the lulls and crests of the storm.) But when it comes to gittin' down, I tend to be somewhat of a wallflower; whatever movement I can muster isn't usually very dynamic, and I find I tend to create an anomaly on the dancefloor as opposed to contributing to the collective groove. Navigating hypnotized freaks in the dark just isn't enjoyable in a chair, and having someone clear the way is even more defeating (never mind ordering a drink). So now, I usually place myself strategically near the DJ booth with my other pretentious clubber friends and criticize the skills of the person behind the turntables. But that was also common practice pre-SCI; as a fallen DJ, I also miss making people dance. Ahh, venting does a body good...

    On a lighter note, I made my first public (club event) appearance in the manual chair just last Saturday. I noticed a distinct difference in the way people reacted to my presence in the bar, but didn't really get to test the dance floor due to excessive crowds and intoxication. All in due time, I suppose.

    And to commemorate this long-winded return to the CC forums, I temporarily switch back to my old signature...

    "work like you don't need the money ~ love like you've never been hurt ~ dance like nobody's watching"

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    Oh, btw globechaser...

    Another Late Night is the name of one of my favorite compilation sets. And CC is all about procrastinating. heheheh...

    ~Velcro holds my life together~

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    I dont think Jess has been to any club since his accident ( 11 months ago) but I have a question to all of you dancers....His brother is getting married in 9 months. He is bestman and there will be a grand march. I am sure his uneasiness at being in a wheelchair will change somemore in 9 months, but what should I expect the grand march to be like when he and the maid of honor have to go out on the dance floor?

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