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Thread: Wanting to move where warm!

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    Wanting to move where warm!

    I live in now cold Nebraska and my spasticity is worse with the cold, so I've been trying to move to Long Beach, CA or therabouts, but not having luck so far. I'd love the Tucson area too. Anyone live in those areas and have suggestions? I can use a medical Port so don't need to wait in line.



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    I live in Phoenix, Arizona, which is about an hour and a half from Tucson. I would much rather deal with the heat rather than the snow any day! If I were you, Id probably move to California because the weather is nice year round. The summers here are scorching and if your a quad like me, its easy to get overheated, not being able to sweat and all, so bringing a squirt bottle is a neccesity. Right now the weather is perfect--about 75 degrees. If I could afford to live in Cali, I would, preferably San Diego. Good Luck!

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    I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida and my spasms got better and uti's were fewer and far between. My quad body likes the warmth. 80 to 85 degrees is good.

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    Hey Bridget! I'm not a quad and do sweat, but scorchers aren't fun. Have tried to move to Long Beach CA, but no luck yet. Am concerned about fires, earthquakes and high crime there.


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    Hi Duke, FLA is so humid and buggy, though. Great temps as you say.


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    I live in Riverside CA (about half way between LA and San Diego) and weather is usually good. If you can't get into Long Beach you should try areas like Gardenia or San Pedro which are small cities right around Long Beach. Depending on what kind of work you do I can make better suggestions. You can reach me at

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    If you can sweat, then you'd be fine here in AZ...other than the heat there's nothing else bad about Phoenix. The job market is really good and theres a lot of schools...there is crime and stuff here, as in any city, but if you don't live downtown then youll never really see it. take care

    Even if your body cannot move, you can still think and meditate ~Dalai Lama~

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