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Thread: My arms are too short!

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    My arms are too short!

    I have ahellofatime piloting my personal electric chair, especially when I'm cold. I have an Invcare Ranger X with a MKIV A joystick on a swing away mount. I don't have triceps so straightening my arm with force isn't possible. With the standard arm rests, and the joystick housing, the actual stick is near my max reach. If I'm cold, my arms contract some and make pushing foreward more difficult. Also, going up a ramp makes it more difficult to push forward. Basically getting into my van in the winter sucks! Anyone know of a different arm rest or joystick mount? I've asked people in the biz, but they weren't any help.

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    Have you thought of just wrapping your elbow with an ACe to keep your arm a little straighter? Or wearing an elbow brace for the same effect? Don't know if it would work, just a thought.

    Course you could always move to South Carolina!

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