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Thread: IMS or VMI minivan?

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    IMS or VMI minivan?

    I like the IMS but a salesman is really pushing the VMI. he says he has seen a lot of problems with IMS and they have poor customer service. anyone know which conversion system is actually better? And has the least problems?

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    I like my IMS. No problems.


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    Have you looked at Rollx? Admittedly, mine doesn't get much use, but it's worked fine.


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    Have you looked at the Braun Entervan? I tried both an IMS and Braun, and I liked the Braun better. Both are similir, but the Braun conversion just looks cleaner.

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    I'd go with the VMI over both Braun & IMS. I currently have a Braun, and it works well (although a decade old)... but I flew out west in the spring & rented a '03 VMI & I was impressed w/ how well it was constructed. You really can't go wrong with either of these 3 companies, but I too have heard reports of more problems w/ the IMS conversions. Listen to the salesman this time around.

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    I had two VMI vans which were a pain. I chose IMS for my third van and haven't had any problems in the two years I've had it which is more than I can say for the VMI's. Exiting and entering is much simpler and quicker too.

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    I find that there is no room to move around in the mini-vans.This is what I went with..
    I replaced the lift with a ricon and I had them install auto doors.

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    I think it is probably a crapshoot as far as problems. I asked this same question a while back and could not find any consensus.

    I ended up buying a VMI with the in the floor ramp and so far it's been great. We had a full-size van before and never had any major problems, but the minivan is so much nicer and feels more normal compared to the full-size. I always felt like I was riding in an ambulance in the full-size even though it had a ton of room.

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    I just recently got a Pontiac Montana with a Braun conversion. This setup came with a 12" lowered floor rather than the standard 10" on most models, which I absolutly required. Otherwise I would have had to go with a raised roof or a full sized van.

    It looks nice and there is still enough room for me to drive in fowards turn around and drive out forwards in a quickie 626.

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    now the Braun is sounding good...
    jeff b- got any pics?

    thanks for the input!

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