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Did you eliminate the 11" difference in elevation between the house and garage? We did and were charged extra because the foundation required a "step" to do so. We were left with a 2" difference, a requirement for carbon monoxide according to code, so we had a concrete ramp built to access the house from the garage. There are no steps to the front door of our new home or to the rear patio. We were also charged extra for the wider doors.
The builder "dropped" the foundation so that we would have, at most, a 2-inch difference between the garage and main level. This will be sloped out. Ditto for the front entrance. Only the lower level and garage rest on a true concrete foundation. The remainder is pier and beam because of the graded lot. The "drop" didn't add to the cost, and the wider doors will not cost extra. So far, the builder has been wonderful.

Agreed on the remote controls for ceiling fans and fireplace.