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Thread: CC Community Reference Book

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    Seneca: Chameleon: Woman of many colors. Of the earth. Understanding of surroundings and reflects (upon) it.

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    Thanks all. Keep them coming.

    Acid, no apologies needed. You contributed, and that's cool.

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    I am not sure if I understand the reference thing. Is that to compare to something, ju7dge, you wanting a strat dictionary, or oh yeah, a theasaurus. Quotes maybe. Well, anyways... to each his own may be contradicting. No man is an island. Fear is the beginning of wisdom. You once asked for religi0ous inspi4ations in the chat room. Are you wanting words that can have duel meanings according to the way it can be phrased. A teacher that learns from students perhaps. To give is better than to receive, life is vanity. ??????

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