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Thread: CC Community Reference Book

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    CC Community Reference Book

    This idea was given to me by an anonymous source. In efforts to further bond the members of the CC Community, let's put together a posting here, a resource cross-reference to how members see each other.
    Keep in mind, it's only other people's viewpoints and meant in good fun so try to keep it lighthearted without too many personal attacks. If anything direct negative energies towards me. I'm a masochist so I get a kick outta people makin fun of me.
    Thing of something you would find in an Encyclopedia and/or Dictionary (unabridged btw) and who do you picture fits that profile?

    Examples to get started:
    Handibob, Tim C, Cjo ref. Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Three exploring ships venturing into the unknown bound only by hope of something more and better...

    Parapal ref. The Little Engine That Could...

    C.Kennedy and Parafarmer ref. Cheech and Chong, Up in smoke...

    Globechaser82 ref. Quote: A rolling stone gathers no moss...

    Tex ref. Billy the Kid, shoot first, ask questions maybe...

    Chick ref. Athena (Greek) goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts aka Minerva (Roman)

    Steven Edwards ref. Himself, crikey, he IS the encyclopedia and dictionary.

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    I love your ref to me. You're too cool. Love ya



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    Great idea, Strat!

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    edited, see above

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    Next Installment

    Betheny ref. Scarlett O'Hara, from Gone with the Wind, Southern Belle with a touch of fire.

    Seneca ref. Wild Rose, blossoming small flower with thorns set to bite while smiling.

    November ref. Dragon, mystical fire breathing creature of beauty and strength, very existent plays in the minds of people.

    Jack9166 ref. Rumpelstiltskin, awakens after the ages to find he still has a life to live.

    Andy ref. Fister, Mr. 3 fingers to enable BM.

    Jimnms ref. Manure spreader, implement used to distribute shit. Dude, no offense, but you talk about your shits too much for me not to reference this to you.

    Teena ref. Oral Roberts, religious evangelist trying to spread the word to the masses.

    Dogger ref. Dingo, Australian wild, horny dog with a bite to match his bark.

    SCI-Nurse ref. Traffic Cop, informative, directive, maintains the flow

    Jmublueduck ref. Virtual Picasso, looks at the world from a slightly different perspective.

    MoodyMcMooody ref. Rainbow, her moods and attitudes blend and change into each other like the colors.

    Max ref. Newspaper boy, Shouting out the headlines and spreading news to the rest of the world

    Piglet ref. Annie Oakley, Little Miss Sureshot, ladylike manners with guts enough to run with the boys.

    CLC379 ref. Dagger, sharp, to the point, double edged to cut both ways.

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    Hey, thanks! I have been called worse! LOL!

    And as for my thoughts on Stratman...

    Stratman: Creative Imagination


    PS--If I just keep talking, maybe somebody will listen! LOL!

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    Stratman: ref. A cowlick, behind a glass shield. Standing tall, holding firm against the grain, guarding this fragile stance, yet it is revealed.

    Steven: ref. Cocoon. Enveloped within, growing and maturing, where it is safe and protected from the outside, from others and from himself.

    November: ref. Doe. Strong while gentle; cautious, yet trusting.

    CK: ref. A running stream, quietly meandering towards the inlet beyond...

    Parapal: ref. Flower, blossoming as water nourishes with petals leaning towards sunlight

    JLB: ref. Scale, of justice and balance; measuring Dreamer against Man, Man against himself

    JimmyMack: ref. A Boulder resting precariously on a cliff, knowing its strength while surrendering destiny to the mountain.

    "There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn. This hell of the present is his kingdom at last" ~Camus

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    Stratman ref. Rebel with a cause.

    Teena ref. Loyalty personified.

    He is able who thinks he is able. - Buddha

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    chick Quote ref. a [particularly intriguing] enigma wrapped inside a mystery; pious as in devout, dedicated; chaste as in morally strong; Helen (Greek mythology)

    parapal ref. a paradox: Afraid, yet unafraid... brave

    Wise Young ref. visionary, bringer of hope, oracle

    Hongyun Huang ref. Christopher Columbus, captain of the first thoroughly documented human journey

    Stratman ref. The Joker, as in a court jester; mainly desiring to bring happiness and laughter to people

    November ref. inner strength, humility

    JimmyMack ref. honest communicator

    DINO ref. kind teacher

    seneca ref. Nature's healer

    Sue Pendleton ref. brute strength, unmovable force

    globechaser82 ref. sportswoman, adventurer

    Betheny ref. folk singer, story teller [stories, not lies]

    dogger ref. happy aboriginee, content to live life with the land in harmony

    kate ref. fortune teller, at least when it comes to November '04

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    Thanks strat, apparently my quote means I lack stability.

    "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." - Oscar Wilde

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