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Thread: Poetry Stream ....

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    Poetry Stream ....

    Bilby wrote a verse and I followed up with another. Lets continue this
    (with posts only of verses/poetic thoughts that build upon one another).

    Originally posted by bilby:

    Your eyes pretend,
    always trying to defend,
    the wicked secrets that you keep.

    Your lips betray,
    they give away,
    the wicked secrets that you keep.

    I know where you go,
    I know what you do,
    behind closed doors
    I can see right through.

    My eyes reveal
    the cards you deal
    No secrets are too deep

    My lips belie
    what you can't deny
    Your secrets are mine to keep

    You wonder where
    You wonder what
    Don't close the door
    For you'll wonder more

    Keep believing you have broken me
    What you claim will never be
    These wicked secrets I have known
    The soul revealed will be your own

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    And on that day
    your soul you see
    will show all the tarnish
    of what you did to me.

    So fear my friend
    the rules you bend
    they will surely catch up to you
    in the end

    Jimmy Mack

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    poem...verses by teena...

    the heart that's right knows wrong is wrong
    the heart that's right will beat a song...

    the heart that's wrong is all alone
    the heart that's wrong will not go on...

    so here, today...change your ways
    don't give your soul a bitter taste

    embrace the good...release the bad
    give a smile, don't be sad...

    for in the can stand strong
    the heart that's right...will beat a song.

    --Teena Barker

    if this is really bad, somebody delete it!

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    Aside, I laugh at the human woe
    From fate to fate I choose, I go
    A flicker of smirk on my shadowy face,
    cause of purpose, ever displaced

    Smack on tree, crash on wall
    Shock, surprise, I´ve seen it all
    then, the question.. "how come me?!"
    no longer amazed, yet strange to see

    Often known, but never seen,
    Waiting for you to outpace your means
    So or so, you wont forget me,
    Eternally yours, Mister Murphy

    "So I have stayed as I am, without regret, seperated from the normal human condition." Guy Sajer

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    To live in fear,
    Is that our fate?
    To languish within,
    To impose Life's gate

    I cry, but silence
    These walls are bare.
    Stripped and barren
    My tears don't care

    Why does fear
    I refuse to see
    Embody Life
    To comfort me?

    Where to hide this agony
    This soul you claimed,
    I cannot free

    Where to hide this agony
    This soul you claimed,
    Does see me

    "There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn. This hell of the present is his kingdom at last" ~Camus

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    My eye's open to the light.
    Before me lies a one way street
    These emotions I pass through,
    makes me challenge all I meet.
    Before long you bring me to night.

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    Wow you guys are good! I don't have a creative bone in my body so I can't participate.

    Oops, sorry for breaking the stream.

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    i see you now
    you are there

    i see you now
    i am nowhere

    will you remain
    welcome my embrace

    will you remain
    even know my face

    "There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn. This hell of the present is his kingdom at last" ~Camus

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    wrote this in another another thread, I'm rewriting here

    i have forever long denied
    these yearnings deep inside,
    what is that darkness that just wont hide
    with impatient looming pride,
    wanting joy so unsupplied
    needing pain ten's multiplied
    should i have cried, that you have died
    I am the one i crucified

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