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Thread: Damn it is nice outside!

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    Damn it is nice outside!

    A nice balmy 86 degrees around here today, quite the difference from the usual end of October 50-60's we have around these parts. I get to sit in my back yard at my 'adapted' picnic bench and surf the Internet with my WiFi/Laptop while enjoying the great outdoors

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    We had a beautiful day here in South Carolina, too, Andy - can you believe you were warmer up there? We got to about 75, I think!!! Enjoy it while you can!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Here in Texas we had 95 degree weather, clear, sunny, n so nice

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    i dont understand liberals. they enjoy the beautiful weather while attacking oil companys that produce the global warming...sheeesh.

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    I have to agree on the beautiful weather.

    This past weekend, my niece's and I took the horses to Iowa, camped and rode the trails. It is cheaper to go to Iowa state parks than to stay in Wisconsin and not much farther. Hubby stayed home with the kids It is supposed to cool down to the 60's I guess but that will still be nice.

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    ugh. 40 degrees and pissin rain up here

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    was nice up by lake Superior in Wi. to 70 very windy, helped aunt pack machinery back in shed after another summer baleing hay, kinda a sad thing cause means winter is not far off, love being out in the fields driveing tractor, sitting behind desk would kill me.

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    its freaking 90 here in west tx

    life can change in a split second ~kort

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