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Thread: some of my babies

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    some of my babies

    attempting to learn to add pics..

    my 18 year old cat Precious

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    Dolly Madison

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    good lookin animals.

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    thank you! they are my sweeties!

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    Originally posted by Piglet:

    Dolly Madison
    Is that one of those mini doberman things? My sister has one, and I've never seen something so hyper. Everytime somebody comes over it gets so excited it runs in circles and pisses on the floor.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    Hi jimnms!

    Dolly Madison is part Rottweiler and part who knows what...her mother was a Rott, and her father was a drifter I guess! She does not look anything like a Rott though except for her markings. She's not very big either. A young man we know brought her home and his parents would not let him keep her, so because we have a big sign on our door that says "Push-Overs Live Here"...he knew to bring her straight to us! She's playful, but not hyper...I have heard of the mini-dobberman's, but have never seen they are cute! Yes, your sister's dog does sound just a "bit" hyper! Carol

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    This is just me, attempting to learn how to do a post with a quote:

    maybe it will work.

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    I can't do it...can someone please leave me a message and tell me how to reply with a quote? And while you are at it...can you please tell me how you reply to a post and add to the topic when it says something like: (in blue)

    I see your pets IN some of my babies

    I'm sorry...I can't be beautiful AND brainy!
    Thank you in advance...Carol

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    I'm sorry...I can't be beautiful AND brainy!
    Why not ??

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    gets so excited it runs in circles and pisses on the floor
    I do that when we get guests also!

    Oh wait, you ment the dog?

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