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Thread: Fall Time

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    Fall Time

    Went on a drive. These aren't the best quality but presents enough of an image. Fall is another one of those beautiful transitional seasons and nature gets a chance to show off. If anybody else else has images to share, please do. Let's see what the world looks like this time of year.

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    Is there a way to do multiple pic attachments??

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    This is actually purple/mauve colored leaves on the outside and orange closer to the trunk. Only Mother Nature could combine these two colors and make it look good in my opinion.

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    Faall Pix

    Great photos. Fall is a favorite of mine. I live at 2700 feet altitude, very near the Blue Ridge Parkway. As you can imagine, the Fall colors are spectacular. I don't have a digital camera, thus unable to get pix on this site. However, please keep sending us your photos.

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    Awesome Autumn photos!

    Thanks for sharing these photos, Stratman! You gave me a lift! I love fall...and spring... I think those are my favorite seasons.

    Keep snapping photos, do it well.


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