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  • Brush tongue (ack, gotta get off the yucky gunk)

    16 76.19%
  • Not brush tongue (and Im happy to have stanky breath)

    1 4.76%
  • Never heard of anyone brushing tongue, so um, I guess I don't brush it.

    3 14.29%
  • 1 4.76%
  • 0 0%
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Thread: Mouth care

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    Mouth care

    Just an offbeat topic of discussion. After making your choice, post details of where you picked up the habit if you do, why you don't, area you're from to see if demographics play into it, do you use your toothbrush or have a special brush, do u also scrape it, so on and so forth. I want to hear all the dirty details of how y'all keep your pieholes clean.

    I did have a fourth option but it was decided that it be removed. Unfortunately, somebody had already picked my ACKKK option so the voting is going to be slightly off. Oh well. ACKK!!

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    OMG!!!!! Who doesn't F'n Brush their tongue????????????????? Grosssssssssss!!!

    Strat doesn't brush his tongue!! THATS WHO!!!

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    I've always brushed my tongue. My mom always thinks I'm puking when I do it because sometimes it makes me gag

    I was always told to brush your tongue because that's where the bad breath bacteria hides

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    I brush my tongue, too... glad I'm not weird.


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    Strat doesn't brush his tongue!! THATS WHO!!!
    Now, how the ...oops... would you know if I do or not? eh??

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    I always brush my tongue. I have been told that brushing it doesn't do as much good as a scraper, because with the brush you are only "making rows in it"...ick! But, I am just not ready for the scraper..the brush makes me gag too Lindsay, I'm sure the scraper would kill me! Maybe someday..........Carol

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    Ive NEVER even heard of brushing your tounge, and nor do I have bad breathe. Sounds like an old wives tail to I'm sure that if it was of any great benefit the tooth brush makers would of modified their brushes to adapt to both tounge and teeth, or introduced a whole new line.

    ok, now I'm curious and gunna do a search on it!

    hey dogger, have you heard of it??

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    me neither Annabanana

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    thank the maker

    ok, so i'm not a total freak in never hearing of this cleansing process. oooops. guess u were right chick.

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    I brush my tongue and teefers. I brush EVERYTHING, well except my hair

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