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    accessible house

    Hi, I'm a C456 quad and I'm in a manual wheelchair. At the moment I live with my parents but I'm going to live on my own soon. An architect is drawing the plans for my new house (almost finished actually) but I want to make sure it'll be accessible for an electrical wheelchair too. I guess I'll have to use one some day. I have no idea about brands etc. but could anyone give me some advice on angles, distances, hights, widths I have to keep in mind? Also any good advices, ideas for my kitchen? Other? Thanks!

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    check a manufacturer's page Quickie Invacare etc.

    They give dimensions etc.

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    Our house will be finished in a week. I'll post pictures then.

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    Wouldn't it be neat if Discovery came up with a new show, "Accessible House"?
    Make it accessible and cool, at the same time.

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    Me and my fiance just bought an accessible house. I will post pics soon.

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    if it's not too late to suggest. go with pocket doors as much as practical. not any harder to open/close i don't think and eliminates the doorway width problems with swinging doors. just moved into a new apartment with them and it's definitely something i'll go with in a house design. kitchen, look into dropped cooking and sink surfaces for access. it's still convenient for AB's to use and wc users alike.

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