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    I am all ears

    The dog with the largest ears in the world as recognised by the new 2004 Guiness Book of World Records, Mr Jeffries the Bassett Hound, is seen in this handout photo made available Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2003. Jeffries, whose ears measure 29.2 cm (11.5 in) lives with his owner, Phil Jeffries, in West Sussex, England. Mr Jeffries' full name is Knightsfollie Ladiesman and he is the grandson of Biggles, the face of Hush Puppies shoes. His ears are insured for 30,000 pounds ($47,800). (AP Photo/Guinness World Records)

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    He looks like Sister Batrill from "The Flying Nun"!!

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    I love this story about Ulysses dog...there is a very good movie that has just been released about a little 12 year old boy that can figure out what dogs are saying...supposedly they are extra terrestrial beings that are thinking about leaving the planet soon...

    Quote: A dog can hear sounds 250 yards away that most people cannot hear beyond 25 yards. The human ear can detect sound waves vibrating at frequencies up to 20,000 times a second. But dogs can hear sound waves that vibrate at frequencies of more than 30,000 times a second.

    With this info about would possibly make sense...they are ET's...hmmm...if they think they are planning on leaving...I guess do they think this planet has or has not gone to the dogs? It puts a spin on that whole thought...


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    Irish Wolfhound is the largest dog

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    As soon as I move out of this (snake-pit) apartment, I'm getting a(nother) Dane.

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    I often dogsit for four basset girls.
    Oh boy..they are the most mellow of dogs.
    And by far the most stubborn of hounds.

    And those ears need extra attention and care
    on a daily basis. You have to use hair crunchies everytime they are eating or plan
    on scrubbing those ears good.

    They are a special breed. And not for everyone. And talk about olfactory cells...
    they can smell a bird ten miles away. And are
    much quicker in movement then you would believe. Very hard to lift also. Their bodies
    move all over in their skin. And they tend to
    be heavy.

    Usually though very happy dogs. Children
    can tie their ears in knots and they just
    love it. Not the most intelligent of breeds
    but very endearing.

    If you can dream can
    do it. Walt Disney

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