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Thread: Poor Ray

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    Poor Ray

    Oooohhh, if I had at least one good leg I'd like to kick the ass of whoever did this to him.

    hehehehehe j/k. actually, my evil twin brother, It, would do something like this. mwahhahahahaha

    Edit: Oh, and for those missing a funny bone, the above statement isn't serious. I found the photo hilarious and a reminder that the small screwups in life don't mean shit and shouldn't keep us from continuing what we we love.

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    I doubt if this would even make a dent in
    a trooper like Ray's dignity.

    As good as he is..heck his voice and enthusiasm would overcome a slight much worse then this.

    If you can dream can
    do it. Walt Disney

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    Reminds me of a guy I knew in rehab who used to hide chewing gum on my tires ... was funny the first time tho

    Everyone is entitled to be stupid occasionally, but some people abuse the privilege.

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    n***** PLEASE !

    life can change in a split second ~kort

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