I went to try out a ZRA today. The only demo that they had was way to small for me, but I got in it anyway.

One of the problem I have with my current chair, a TRa, are the front casters keep coming lose. Also, I'm unable to get this chair into a regular car, but the ZRA was easy.

I looked closly at the front casters of the ZRA, and it looks like it will have the same problem of coming lose and having to readjust them. I was hoping they'd have a fixed caster option, but it doesn't look that way.

For now I've dicided to go with some modifications to my TRa. I'm going to get a smaller back, and have the push handles removed. Also, I'm going to replace the brakes with the scissor type, because I've scraped my wrist one too many times when going up a curb. They're also going to install some sort of seat insert that was supposed to have been installed when I first got the chair. It never was installed, and I didn't know anything about it.

If you've got a ZRA, overall how do you like it? Have you had any problems with the front casters coming lose, or any other problems.

The dealer said he only has two customers with the ZRA, which they haven't had them very long, and haven't given him any feedback on the chair yet. He said he hears alot of complaints about the casters on the TRa though.

Maybe they'll make a ZR, with fixed position casters. I was originally looking at a TR, until I saw the ZRA.

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