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Thread: Tip: Chair serial number

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    Tip: Chair serial number

    Whenever I get a new chair, I get the serial number off it and note it somewhere accessible (email it to myself, for example). That way when someone wants it and I'm sitting in the chair and don't feel like getting down on the floor in my office in order to flip the chair over to look at it, I can easily access it.

    This will work until manufacturers figure out that it might be a good idea to put the serial number somewhere where a user can actually see it.

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    While it is a pain if you have to get it and don't have the number on something already, I don't really want that thing out where everyone can see it.
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    one guy here paid extra to have his stamped where he could see it - id hate that, plus i think itd get grubby very quickly. the day i got my chair i took down the serial number and put copies on my phone, computer, and yahoo notepad. i can get it anywhere and i dont have rivulets of bacteria growing on my chair (or at least that i notice)

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