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Thread: Insurance on your wheelchair?

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    Insurance on your wheelchair?

    Do you have privet insurance on your wheelchair. Im thinking of putting privet insurance on my quickie ti . It's 110.00 a year no deductible, insured up to 4000.00. Anyone else have insurance like this?

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    Not worth the $$$, in my opinion. I've had my Quickie P200 almost 10 years and haven't put $110 into the chair in any one year (knock on wood). Not even close, in fact. Plus, health insurance sometimes covers chair-related expenses such as tires. It just doesn't make good financial sense, particularly for manual chair users.

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    Many household insurance policies cover chairs also. I'd check that or your renters insurance to see before spending money on extra. We have State Farm and this past year they specifically excluded all motorized vehicles not meant to be driven on streets and highways. But the same new rewrite specifically does cover manual wheelchairs. Nice to know my Storm is considered in the same categorry as 4 wheel ATVs...

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