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Thread: Coffee, who still drinks coffee?

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    Coffee, who still drinks coffee?

    They told me that coffee and other caffeine drinks are bad for me so I haven't had coffee or a soda since my accident. Which for the most part that's fine with me, but I think I would like to start drinking coffee again? Anyone have any story's out there about coffee?

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    Yea!!!!!!!!!! Coffee!!!!!!!! Fresh Roasted beans feshly ground.... Yummmmmmmmmm

    I used to drink pots of it a day- both caffinated and decaf. I make at home, tastes sooooo much better. I have been cutting down on caffine and drinking more tea and maybe decaf coffee sometimes. Caffine is a stimulant and excessive amounts is not good for you, as well as being dehydrating. I did have to urinate alot when drinking coffee, caffine or decaff. Drinking coffee should not be too bad for you as long as you drink in moderation and maybe go with decaff as well.

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    In rehab I never got coffee. When I got out, I couldn't wait. When I went back, I found out where they kept it!

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    My hsuband drinks caffinated tea, but when he drinks alot of coffee he gets sick feeling. He can drink a cup or two a day but when he starts drinking tons he gets icky feeling all the time.


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    It's not a daily must-have, but I still drink it. The only side effect for me is more frequent cathing. For that reason I'll drink decaf if it's later at night. I'm a big fan of hanging out in coffeeshops. You'll be fine

    I've backed off sodas. I'll drink one occasionally, but water or iced tea generally fares better with me. They (sodas) don't have any negative side-effects that I've noticed though.

    ~ scott

    'everything will be okay in the end; if it's not okay, it's not the end.'

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    I had coffee in rehab and I drink coffee at home every morning.I will die drinking coffee.

    "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"

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    I drink it every morning, and once in a while at night.

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"
    ~ Anon

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    I was told it can cause calcium leaching from bones, and doesn't help in the (bone) healing process after an accident.
    Well, I'm all healed up now.
    I've got my own espresso machine, coffee roaster, and yes even a grinder. Roasting your own beans is the only way to go, for the serious drinker. (Get your supplies at Sweet Maria's)

    I couldn't live without my coffee.

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    I go through phases where I drink a cup or two in the morning, then I get tired of it and will go for a while without. I try not to drink more than one cafinated/carbinated beverage per day also.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    I like coffee and drink all I want whenever I get the urge. I had it in rehab also.
    As for tea, I like it also but can only drink it with food or I get the sick feeling Moody Mc said her husband has when he has tea.

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