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Thread: about raven ..kay?

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    Ahhhhhhh Nick... Please Tell your Mom hugs and prayers...
    ANd big ole hug for you too nic!

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    time for an update ..kay?

    nicky...did u give your mom my message?

    hugs to all,

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    Anyone know how Raven is?

    ... ...

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    hi this is an update as to my moms status.
    she had surgery for tissue build up in her urethera. they moved her to a rehab place so she can get some therapy to build up her strength that she has lost with the anemia.
    at the time that she went into the hospital she was having alot of problems with spasms. she thought it was the lack of potassium and also her thyroid problems. However those both checked out ok. She still continues to have alot of problems with her spasms and it seems it's only worsened. she has asked me to post this question as to what medications could be taken for spasms.
    she had also had some problems with a medication they had given her - she was apparently alergic to. the medicine is called baclosin. she said she felt very sleepy and confused. it was a really bad experience for her. she sais she will tell you all about it as soon as she gets out of there.
    she sais they also tried zanoflex, however it was also too strong for her, & didn't help either. she asks if anyone else has ever had any kind of bad reaction with the use of any of those types of medications for spasms.
    we also want to thank everyone for their positive posts. mk? k. ill keep you posted as more goes on. Thanks.
    Discord <3

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    Baclofen and Zanaflex both should be started at very low doses and gradually increased. The sleepiness with Baclofen nearly always gets better within 2 weeks if the dosage is left stable when it is first started. There are other meds (Dantrolene for example) but due to your mother's other health problems I would not recommend it as it can be liver toxic. Valium can also be used for some. Neurontin may help some, although usually not a lot.

    Baclofen can also be given intrathecally (by an implanted pump into the spinal cord directly), but all other measure for spasticity control should be used first. It may be that her spasticity is only temporarily worse due to her recent surgery.


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