Not to segregate, but please keep any responses to those that are members here that have a SCI.

We all have faced or are still facing challenges in our lives now that rival some of the greatest physical feats imaginable. Put that aside for a moment. Throw away the physicality of our situations and think of what is your biggest mental challenge your trying to overcome in moving on with your life. What are they? Do they now revolve around the physical anguish of being a person with an SCI? Is it all emcompassing? Or are there other limitations you've placed on yourself or think that others have placed on you? As you "walk" around during your day, do you see the abilities that you still have or the ones that you don't? Are there other motivations and goals that you place on yourself in order to achieve some sense of humanity? Give your thoughts on how you continue to grow as a person despite the physical adaptation we all now share.

"It's time for the long arm the law put a few more in the ground." Toby Keith w/ Willie Nelson