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Thread: Questions for those who settled with insurance companies.

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    Thanks to everyone for their feedback.

    As much as it is a very unpleasant ordeal, it's certainly better than having no insurance company to fight with and/or nobody to sue.

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    PN- just to be clear, because I am bound by a contract, I did not say that I recieved $250,000. I said California has a $250,000 cap on pain and suffering. You are correct, my injury is a direct result of multiple gunshot wounds to the torso, but for the same reason I cannot discuss how medical malpractice relates to my particular circumstance.

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    I just settled a case where i was leaving my back quacks office sitting at a stop light and was creamed from behind. Totaled my car, broke my seat back. The semi driver was a black man not from the USA that turned white when i told him i just left my back surgeons office. ROFL...It really was priceless...The semi truck that hit me claimed some bull balls story that was insane and the cop knew it. He was ticketed...I had insurance, the trucking company (Wright Transportation) of course had insurance and i had personal insurance thru my job...So i was shocked that when i got my piddly settlement that they took out all my medical bills from the gross amount. The lawyer explained it was their right! I thought well this is total bullshit! The whole case was insane to begin with...The whole process of this case...took 2 years but we did not go to court.

    My car insurance was the one that paid all my medical bills. They took the insurance out of my settlement. Sorry, didnt make that clear,.
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    Funny, I just got the papers from the lawyer yesterday! Sorry, there's no case. I was paralyzed during surgery. Pinched spinal cord, and laid there for 2 days before 2 emergency surgeries to correct. Damage done, paralyzed. No money nothin.
    Wish the doctor or someone had to pay all of the damned expenses. Rehab, depends, gas, surgeries, med. equipment, tests, chair, god it's expensive. Just a little help' never received an apology from the dr.
    Just a rant here, sorry to rant.

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    4th year with no end in sight.I have excellent attorny who only geta paid upon settlement.The senior partner says I will be a wealthy man.

    It is both worker's comp and a seperate lawsuit

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    Having worked with attorneys doing life care plans and medical cost analyses for several years, many companies drag their feet as much as they can. While you are not being paid, they are earning interest/dividends on your money, and they have reason to put payment off as long as possible. In the worst case scenario, they delay in the hope that the injured person will die. Wrongful death payments are generally much less than the cost of the typical life life care plan for a young SCI.

    When cases go to court, there are often court system delays because of case backlogs, etc. that the attorneys have no control over. I was involved in one case that drug out 11 years because of court, appeal after appeal, and other delays.
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    A little over 10 yrs and I got nothing. Auto accident in 1970.

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