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Thread: Fun reflections

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    Sorry, Strat. Maybe cat fights make me happy-or maybe Prozac would? Back on topic-as always, family and friends. Fall weather. Bluegrass festival this weekend, it's always good fun.

    You'd better get a big gun 'cause I'm not dead yet."
    ---The Bad Examples

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    My dog's eyelashes, and the smell of his head.

    My daughter's soft cheeks, and the sound of her voice.

    Feeling and smelling the warm towels fresh out of the dryer.

    There's a plant in my garden, and I don't even know the name of it, but it's so pretty and it smells so good.

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    chasing my kids around the park in my chair...and watching them laugh like maniacs

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    Discoveries like the lawn goose industry.

    You'd better get a big gun 'cause I'm not dead yet."
    ---The Bad Examples

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    One of the things that makes me happy is the inside jokes I share with my husband...we laugh like idiots at what appears to be nothing...but, we know why we are laughing!

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    Funny people make me husband being silly, my niece being silly. Will & Grace, Jerry Springer. I'll laugh at just about anything.

    What makes me happy...good things happening to good people. Being around positive folk, eating ice cream cake!

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    Theres a funny reflection when I look in the mirror...I laugh then

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    We just got today one of those "frady cats", a cat version of Billy Big Mouth Bass, it was really funny seeing the cat and dog cowering from it. The cat is now like 'whatever' but the little rat dog is still cowering

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    I like this thread...

    Dear Friends here...

    I like this post...thank you Stratman!

    Most of you know that I am not sci, but my best friend is c5 quad.

    What brings me knowing that I have friends here at CareCure. Friends that I wouldn't trade anything for knowing. Friends from the chatroom...people that I don't even know...already know who I am when they talk to me in chat. It's amazing...I love every minute of it. I hope I don't have too many enemies here...LOL...because I plan to drive everybody crazy by keeping on posting and chatting...LOL

    Thank you for letting me get to know you. The world is much nicer because you all are in it.

    God bless and keep smiling!


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