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Thread: What to do for wheelchair damage to interior of car

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    What to do for wheelchair damage to interior of car

    I have the cutest little mustang convertible.

    Unfortunately, the interior is very cheap. In less than one year, it's all chewed up from my wheelchair. I tried to put some dash trim on the most vulnerable areas, but it looks horrible. What is everyone else doing about this problem?

    Any ideas?

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    I use a heavey cloth tarp but chewing up your car is just part of the shit we put up with as a SCI.



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    Oh boy, tell me about it. You should see the inside passenger door panel on my 5 month old Monte Carlo SS, about 4 small chunks taken out of it by the brake on my chair, as well as some other part that is chewing on it which I havent been able to identify yet. I have some nice to the primer scratches on the driver's door sill, and the ground effects are getting pretty scuffed up from the chair rubbing against it when I pull up to the 'entering' position. When I got the car I came to the conclusion that it will get roached out on the inside, so why bother too much with trying to prevent damage which will eventually happen anyway. I figure when it is time to dump it I will touch up the scratches (black is easy to match ) and get a replacement interior door panel for the passenger side. Good thing I didnt buy something nice like a BMW or something, it is 'only' a Chevy, so the damage doesnt seem that out of control to me.

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    Not much you can do but cover it up in areas that are prone to getting beat up (ie seat covers, steering wheel covers..etc.) With my technique The only part of my car I really beat up is the door sill and ground effects below the driver door. I suppose if I layed a towel over the side everytime I got my chair in/out or padded areas of my chair that beat it up, it would preserve it, but I dont care that much...I'll just fix it before I ever sell it.

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    I have a Monte Carlo too but prefer Chevy/Ford to most foreign cars. just a hangup of mine. How many of you have removeable wheels on chair? That stops the upholstery problem if you take them off before stuffing it in back seat. Only takes a minute longer and less weight to lift.WR

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