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Thread: my ..oops.. thoughts on the ..oops.. ..oops..

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    my ..oops.. thoughts on the ..oops.. ..oops..

    what a bunch of ..oops..n ..oops. there i was, my ..oops.. to the ..oops..n ..oops.. world. and the ..oops..n dr had the ..oops.. nerve to ask me a ..oops.n ..oops.d question i'd ever ..oops.. heard. "did you feel that?" ..oops.. A, no u ..oops.. numb..oops. was i ..oops..n supposed to ..oops..face? i didn't know what the ..oops.. he was ..oops..n doin to me but i know i ..oops..n didn't like it. it sure looked ..oops..n awful whatever the ..oops.. they wanted to ..oops..n call it. i was rather ..oops.. off and wanted to get the ..oops.. out of there. what a ..oops..n ..oops. place. i ..oops.. swear, i'll never ..oops..n go back the ..oops.. there ever ..oops.. again. sorry, just had to ..oops.. get that off my ..oops..n ..oops.. chest.

    if u didn't get that, u weren't really ..oops..n supposed to. visit the chat for a better ..oops..n explanation...

    "Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it." Braveheart

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    strat, you're a funny... oops!

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