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Thread: How do you Dream...?

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    I'm always AB still. Check out this dream description I posted a while back on the forum my some of my friends and I share. Apologies for the typos and language, but when you forget dreams as fast as I do you just have to get it down any way possible as soon as possible. Here 'tis:
    Holy crap, this dream was insane, and I know Nate and Shaun will love it. I went this Judo/Taekwando type competition that was held in a ring. I was competing some how, thinking "holy crap, I just got out of my chair and my legs started working! It must be when I'm practicing martial arts! I'll just not think about it and it will last."

    Anyways, I somehow was really good all of a sudden. I was seriously beating down on lots of people all through the competition, and there was this one other guy who was doing the same. He was very honorable and friendly, and it was like we were the brothers in Street Fighter or Double Dragon or whatever that show was. Anyways, there was one round where the two of us, being recongnized as the best, were placed in the ring together to fight off bunches of competitors, who were sent in a continual stream. Somehow, I dispatched of one competitor very quickly with this (oh yeah, the ring was a trampoline like surface) move where I front flipped away from the guy, and immediately upon landing sprung backwards to spear back into him and knock him off the mat. Somehow, for beating the first person or something, I was allowed to sit out the rest of the match and watch this other guy fight off like 30 people. It was very cool.

    I remember getting a medal, and talking with this guy and him saying something like "you are a great competitor, I know we will be great rivals." It was in a friendly, comrade-like manner though.

    That's it. I woke up, once again pissed that I didn't really have my legs back, and even more pissed that I wasn't really good at martial arts. Fuck!

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    i,too, dream as an ab person. there was only 1 time i didn't and i was so worked up about it.

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    this is so interesting to see how everybody dreams. I'm a firm believer that dreams are an excellent way to see into one's subconscious thoughts and feelings. dreams mean something. they're never just random...they come from somewhere in there.

    I always remember my dreams. I don't think I've ever had one where I am in my chair. but, like lots of others I am usually aware that something is holding me back or slowing me down. I'm aware things aren't "right".

    I've had a few dreams where there will be a physical barrier of some sort(i.e stairs) and I know I can't get around them without some help. I should be completely able to do so in the able-bodied-state that I am in. but, my head tells me I can't. confusing and frustrating....I also usually still have to cath rather than pee like normal. isn't that funny? I bet I never dreamed about peeing before my accident. but, it's such a big tie-down and chore now.

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    I don't remember them well, but I'm sometimes A/B, but other times I'm normal life. 20 years post.

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    When I can remember my dreams, I am usually AB, but I can remember thinking "wow, my legs work again". Sometimes I do dream that I'm in my chair, but not very often. Seems like most people here also dream they're AB, but have some consciousness that they're not supposed to be. I wonder what that means...

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    I don't know everyone's age but I wonder if there is any correlation between the amount of time in the chair and whether or not the person is able-bodied or disabled in his or her dream...

    I hypothesize that the longer an individual is in a chair, the more likely he or she is to be disabled in his or her dream. Of course, this assumes that dreams don't mean anything. And that dreams are a function of past events. Not sure where I stand on this point of view.


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    Lewis, seems from these posts, that length of injury doesn't impact on whether a person dreams they are disabled or not. The most common theme is awareness of being somewhat not fully 'normal', but not really physically disabled; like being cognizant of it but not really internalized it. This it seems, has little, if anything to do with 'acceptance' or not.

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    ab always, but the chair is always intertwined w/ my dreams, i can see it, im just not in it

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    Always dreamt in chair .. until I found this site. Only had two where I walked - usually I'm flying???

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    when I dream I'm always SCI, never completely AB OR SCI though, I either use the chair and walk out of it from time to time during the dream, or I don't have the chair at all in the dream and walk with a sevre limp. Its strange how I walk worse in my dreams when the chairs not around, but in the dreams where I'm in the chair its almost like I dont even need it, I just jump out of it and walk normal. Good thread though.
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