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Thread: How do you Dream...?

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    you explained exactly how I feel in my dreams...kinda spooky

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    I for the life of me don't have dreams or I can't remember my dreams. I have a hard time with what I do while im awake, I mean, I subconsciously want to get up and walk or move my legs or to react quickly to something. when I drive my car I never as of yet wanted to use my legs or to think that I need to use my legs for gas or brake.

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    I usually dream that I am able bodied, but tell people that I can't do certain things because I am a quadriplegic. In dreams I will be paranoid about protecting my neck and will do things like wear a motorcycle helmet while playing basketball. When I am in a chair I can always get out of it, and my hands always work. The worst is when I am AB and all of a sudden realize that I am dreaming. I then fight to stay asleep but get pulled into consciousness (often while I am yelling noooooooooo). Needless to say, that is when I wake up in a foul mood.

    In many dreams I will have to go to the bathroom but I can't get the damn condom catheter off, which I am still wearing for some reason. I have lots of bowel related dreams now, which is something I never dreamed about before. I had a funny one the other night in which there was no bathrom free, so my attendant parked my commode chair in some guys office. So this poor guy was trying to do his work while I was sitting about three feet in front of him having a loud, neverending bowel program.

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    After reading the other posts in this thread, I'm more convinced than ever that I am totally weird! In all of my dreams, I'm in my wheelchair, just like when I'm awake. I can't recall one single dream I've had in the last 18 years where I'm able to walk.

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    mostly walking, if chair is in dream i can always get out of it and walk

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    Whenever I dream, I have two seconds before my subconsious realizes "walking not allowed" and then you know what? Then I float. Like I am swimming 1/2 mile per hour, I friggen have to breaststroke through the air.

    Very frustrating not to be able to walk.


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    Spazway, I don't know whether to feel bad for you or jealous. You don't get to feel the joy of being AB again, but on the other hand you don't feel the pain of being ripped back into paralysis every morning.

    Still, I think I would still miss dreaming being AB again.

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    So many of you have explained exactly what/how I dream.

    My dreams are very vivid and I remember them well, it's as if part of me knows I'm a quad so I am AB but there's something wrong.

    I think chick summed it up best.

    I wonder if someone has ever done a study on the dreams of sci people.

    Everyone is entitled to be stupid occasionally, but some people abuse the privilege.

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    I had the strangest dream last night which kinda concerns me after almost 23 years of SCI. I was riding in a Bicycle Race (Yes on a Bicycle, using my legs and all), it was very intense, I was fighting for first position, I felt like Lance Armstrong, lol. I managed to get into first and then I came over a hill and all the Sudden my legs went Paralyzed and I ended up crashing into a fruit stand. I was laying on the ground and somebody wheeled up my Chair next to me and I did a tranfer into it and continued watching the bike race from the side of the road in my Wheelchair. Pretty wierd Huh? It seemed so real though.

    Seems like this Cardura Med I started taking makes me dream more, lots of dreams lately. I never use to remember them before, now I remember them every night. I look forward to going to sleep everynight for a new able body adventure, lol.

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    soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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    ...I was riding in a Bicycle Race...
    Funny you have dreams of racing bikes Curtis. I was injured racing bicycles (BMX) 19 yrs ago, and I still have vivid dreams about me racing on a regular basis. A few times a week...even one last night. They are so realistic that sometimes I actually mistake the dreams for an actual memory.

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