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Thread: How do you Dream...?

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    Years ago I used to have dreams that people were breaking into my house and trying to kill me. In the dream, I had a gun and tried shooting them, but the bullets either bounced off, missed, or just went a few feet and fell to the ground. At that time, the only guns I owned were two .22 rifles, and a .22 revolver.

    After I bought a .45 pistol, those dreams went away.

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    It varies with me. I've never been able to figure out why.

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    I dont remember most of my dreams, but some of the ones I remember I am kind of moving really slow or have trouble moving all together like there is something goofy with my legs. I dont remember having a wheelchair in any of my dreams.

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    Most of mine are a/b; occasionally I will dream I am in a chair, but only partially paralyzed.

    Once when I was in ICU I dreamed I was on a vent but learning to walk again. Oddly enough, my dreams are a lot more substantiv4e than my waking memories from the hospital.

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    I'm the same Andy.

    In my dreams I don't have a wheelchair but I'm kind of aware that something is wrong.

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    Both, most my dreams I'm A/B in parts and wheelchair bound in other parts. I had this one last night where I was on a submarine that was somehow being taking over by enemys. I remember running around to different parts of the sub to hide from them, then remember one part where i was chair bound and unable to get to other areas and telling others to go hide and that I'd stay there and shoot anybody with my machine gun that came that way. (i have some retarded dreams sometimes)

    I think all sexual dreams I have I'm A/B tho, least I dont remember the others.

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    Interesting how our dreams are so similar in many ways.

    I also have dreams where I know I am paralyzed and need a chair, but Im not paralyzed as I know it and live it in this world. There seems to be an awareness of my body being different, a sense of my Being not whole... but this awareness I'm oblivious to.
    I see a chair in my dreams sometimes. This is recent, since I don't recall seeing my chair in earlier dreams. I see my chair, I know it is there, but I'm never IN it. Im aware I can't walk, but I walk, and this is not odd. I am still paralyzed and I KNOW it.

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    I have a recurring dream that I am walking on the beach with sand in between my toes and the I start running and get into my wheelchair. I wake up crying.



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    Nope, not in a chair while dreaming.
    My visual perception is at chair level tho, as in I'm a little guy, not tall like I once was.
    When I carry a load of crap. it's in my arms, and I have trouble with it, like dropping stuff all the time.
    It's not on my back in a rucksack or something, for some reason.

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    I'm in the same category as Andy and Chris2. I don't have a wheelchair but I'm limping or I am aware that there is something is wrong with the way I am moving or something is holding me back.


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