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Thread: How do you Dream...?

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    How do you Dream...?

    When you dream, are you in a chair or not? Are you SCI or AB?

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    actually this is strange and i swear i'm telling the truth. pre-injury i had strange dreams i was lookin at the world from a strange ground level perspective. post injury i understand that now. but now when i dream, i dream i'm AB and from that perspective. but i still don't walk/run, i kinda float along and i never see my legs. and not once yet have i dreamed of me in my wc.

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    Interesting question, as I just had a weird dream last night. (look for my post here about it)
    I still walk in the dreams, although I'm shorter now and really slow.
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    In my dreams I have the ability to will myself out of the chair. I walk, run, dance, etc. However, I am constantly aware that someone who knows me as being in the chair will see me and accuse me of being a fraud SCI. I am almost two years post, yet in my drams I have not seen myself in the chair.

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    I am always able-bodied in mine - especially the naughTy ones.

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    My dreams are mixed. Some dreams I'm walking about as normal, some I can walk, but I still have my chair with me.

    One dream, I was back at school, but I still had to cath and do a bowel program, and I took a shower in a roll-in shower in a shower chair.

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    I either don't dream or don't remember them anymore, or rarely, when I wake up. Pre-injury, I vividly remembered each one for at least an hour or two after I woke.

    Oddly enough, I dreamed when I was pretty young that I would die because of a car hitting me. At least I thought I died after that because there was a long blackness. The dream occurred fairly frequently in my younger days and I was injured in a car wreck followed by a coma, none of which I remember.

    Pre-injury dreams I was never in a chair. Now, when I remember them, I am never in a chair.


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    In my dreams there is no injury. All is well.
    Wish I could dream more.

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    Never in a wheelchair but occasionally I find myself emptying my leg bag, and from time to time I have to take the medication, which I never do.

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    Most of mine are as A/B, but I sometimes have ones in my chair and I dream a lot at night. Over the past few years (19 post) I've had a few more with my chair than I did within the first few.

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