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Thread: various topics

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    various topics

    this is the first time i have visited a site like this or posted anything. i am looking for someone whom i can relate to in dealing with some of the things my boyfriend deals with daily or things that we come across together. he has a complete t-12 injury and currently the biggest issues he faces are getting the workmans compensation company to follow through on his needs and the constant nerve pain. he is for the most part pretty independent. we are both in our mid 20's.

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    I am sorry about you boyfriends constant pain. I am not erally in the same situation, my husband has a SCI, t4, complete so his nerve pain is minimal. I am 25 but he is 41 and has been injured for 30 years.

    I hope things go well, this is a great place to get lots of info


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    Join the Caregivers forum here. You will find a great bunch of family members or loved ones you can talk to about any issues.


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