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Thread: Voc Rehab????

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    Voc Rehab????

    The guy who ownes the medical equipment shop where I am buying my new chair mentioned to me that Voc Rehab has paid half of the purchase price of a basic automobile in addition to paying for modifications of some of his customers. Has anyone heard of this before?

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    I've never heard of voc rehab paying for a vehicle, only modifications to it.

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    I just got a call back from my voc rehab rep in Vermont. Apparently, they do help with purchasing the vehicle as well as modifications. I will know more next week when I meet with my rep.

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    Each state determines through their State Plan how VR money will be spent. Most states opt not to purchase vehicles, only those modifications to assist someone in completing their vocational plan. However, some states have included vehicles in their State Plans. I believe California is one of those states. The State Plan should be available, since is a public document, if you don't believe what your VR counselor tells you.

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    Tucker- find out info at The Assistive Technology Foundation.( ) This is Pa and will give you an idea what they can do for you. It is a federal backed program so you should have an office somewhere. I used them to finance my truck at 4.25%. They can also give auto loans up to 7 years on used and 10 on new. Our voc rehab paid for all my vehicle mods and they are also helping defray the cost of driving 130 miles every day to school. In return I use my GI Bill and Pell grants for school. They also help with home mods to get you back to work or school, like ramps and bath mods. Alot of the counselors dont know the vast extent of what they can get funding for. I dug into OVR and dicsovered alot of things the local office knew nothing of for the simple reason they deal with welfare to work and displaced workers all the time and the disabled kind of confuses them. #1 RULE- DONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. MAKE THEM EXPLAIN EVERTHING IN DETAIL, AND IN WRITTING.

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    In some States Voc Rehab will even pay for FES bikes.

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