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    I'm a level C 4-6, with no hand function, and I have just started Texas Tech University, and was wondering if there is possibly any computer programs out there for math homework? As of now I have no way of doing it, and don't know if i just need to get a person to help me fill it out, or if maybe there were programs that helped with writing out and solve higher level math problems??

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    I used a pen holder with a mechanical pencil. I don't know of any computer program, nor would I recommend getting someone to help you write stuff out. You learn better by doing it yourself. I took my college math classes only after I mastered the pen holder.

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    I have a writing splint and have tried a many of times,but i can only last 5 minutes top, before my wrist gets totally exhausted and my writing then becomes unreadable. Plus i write so slowly and it would take forever to write even one semi-hard problem forever...I had a scribe in high school, and could do the hard Algebra 2 problems in my head with her writing a number down here n there, but even if i tried writing, i would lose my whole train of thought concentrating so hard to extend and hold my wrist back...thus forgetting where i am in the problem and would keep on having to look over n over the same problem...this is not meant to be "whiney" but i lose train of thought rather easily, haha

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    Hi Tex,

    I did a Mathematics degree, finishing in 1997. I used the equation editor in MS Word, TeMath for plotting 2-D equations and Mathematica.
    The following is an edited email a friend forwarded to me:

    Joe and John gave you good advice, and I would like to add another software product that you might find helpful. It is Scientific Notebook from MacKichan Software. Scientific Notebook is a word/math processor and scientific graphing calculator all rolled into one package. It allows the user to enter text and mathematics in the same document in a seamless easy fashion without the need to cut and paste. It is also an extremely powerful scientific graphing calculator and will compute, evaluate, or graph just about anything you ask of it and enter the results, again in the same document. You can enlarge the toolbar buttons or use keyboard shortcuts. You can enlarge the screen 400%. If the font isn't large enough and/or the wrong style and color, you can create your personalized article style with a font style, color, and size (up to 72) of your choosing, and then enlarge up to 400% of that. Of course, you could always add magnification software, such as Zoomtext, as well. Now, if you then go to Help, you will find a Mathematics Reference Library (also Physics and Chemistry just in case you need that later), which will help you brush up on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, matrix algebra, differential equations, and vector calculus.

    Go to and download a free 30-day copy of Scientific Notebook 5.0 - the latest version. Besides using Scientific Notebook ( SNB) as a word/math processor, scientific graphing calculator, and math tutor, you could also open your saved SNB documents in Duxbury's DBT WIN 10.4 and translate them to Nemeth Code should the need ever arise. If you decide this is the software for you, the cost is $99 for students ($139 for academic/government users and $210 for commercial users). What a deal!

    Not even a salesperson for the company - just a very satisfied user,


    Susan A. Osterhaus, M.Ed.
    Secondary Mathematics
    Texas School for the Blind
    and Visually Impaired
    1100 West 45th Street
    Austin, TX 78756
    phone: (512) 206-9305
    fax: (512) 206-9320

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    > I received the following message from in regard to Math Software. If you have any
    > suggestions for Ms. Kennedy, could you send them directly to her?
    > Thanks - Bill McQueen - EASI Postmaster.
    > From Pam Kennedy on September 1st.
    > Dear Mr. McQueen, I am a woman with limited sight and motor
    > disabilities who's going to college next semester. I'm looking for
    > computer software that will help me brush up on algebra and
    > precalulus that is displayed in large fonts, and other software that
    > allows me to type my proofs in large fonts with ease. If these
    > products exist, where can I find them?

    Also try the following:

    Good luck,


    Welcome to the party pal!

    Bruce Willis, Diehard

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    Thank you very very much, will look into.

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    To complete the picture I'm a c4/5 complete with limited bicep movement.

    Welcome to the party pal!

    Bruce Willis, Diehard

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    I am working on my mech. engineering degree. I usually use:
    Checkout the math section at
    I then use Adobe Acrobat to convert my work into a file format my professors are guarnteed to be able to open up on thier computers after I email them my homework.

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    Thank you both very much, both were a lot of help. i think I might have found someone who will give me a free version of Scientific Notebook 5.0, i guess we'll see soon

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    Good luck at college!
    Do you have a major?

    Just a note.
    You can try Scientific Notebook for free to see if you like it or not.
    Scientific Notebook
    All the other programs in this thread your university computer lab should have, so you could see them there.Just rember each program has its strengths and weaknesses.
    If you need any help, I your professors will usually know what software might be helpful. Don't be intimidated to ask them for help, thats what they are there for.
    Another resource you may find useful is your schools IT services.


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