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Thread: Howdy all!

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    Howdy all!

    just wanted to take a minute and say hey to everybody. this site is great and wish i could've came across something this a while back, it would've been a huge help to see that others endure the same challenges that i have since my accident. as it is, it's still great to read through the posts and be able to offer my 1 cent. lil background: t4-6 complete para, 3years post as of 9/16. late night motorcycle acccident (wasn't my turn to be an organ donor i guess), just turned 29 this month so it's been challenging after 26 years of being an AB.
    anywhooo, great to see this site and hope to make some acquaintances to keep in contact with. small town guy so not many people around here that can really relate to my situation.

    free to be me

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    Welcome Stratman!

    ... ...

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    Welcome welcome welcome this is a great site. Sorry to here about your accident though
    Jimmy Mack

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    Welcome to the club.

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    Welcome aboard! Another late night motorcycle accident here too.

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    i can relate i live in a small town also but this site is my SCI family and you are part of the family now. welcome

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    Stratman welcome,
    I am also sorry to hear about your accident.You have now joined a club, we all willing didn't want to join. You'll find this forum to be very informative and quite amusing.

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    Nice to meet you.
    Just wish it could have been under different circumstances.

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    Hello and Welcome!!

    I am mom to an 11 year old, T-12. 3 years post, 06/15/03 car accident.

    We also live in a small town, so I understand what you mean.

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