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Thread: How much do you pay for high speed internet?

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    toronto, canada

    How much do you pay for high speed internet?

    I am very curious as to how much high speed internet costs in different regions.

    In Toronto, we have a choice of DSL or Cable Modem. I pay roughly $44 Canadian per month for high speed Cable Modem access.

    How about you?

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    montville nj usa

    Here in NJ - high speed Cable Modem access is 39.99

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    I pay $49/mo. for DSL. No cable TV in my rural area which is fine because satellite is far superior over cable. How we got DSL out here is another story.

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    You can get DSL for $29.99 in So. Cal. but not in my city. I have to pay $59.99 for cable.

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    I'm at the same level as gvinton... $59.99 total.

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    I just signed up for DSL the other day at 29.99 per month for the first year, after that it goes up to 39.99
    I'm in Northern CA.

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    DSL for $29.99 a month with the 'employee concession' (same as the intro rate, but unlimited time at that price)

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    $39.99 for DSL.

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    I live in southern California and I pay $40 a month for cable Internet. If I did not have cable TV, the price would be $50 a month. SBC telephone is offering DSL for $30 a month for one year.


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    29.99 for DSL, we had cable but it only worked about 1/2 the time. Very annoying.


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