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    Any of you had trouble working, keeping a job or finding a job?

    I worked 16 years at one place after my accident and 3 years at another - now I'm working 6 months and REALLY struggling

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    I have been self employed the last 20 years and really like it that way as I can set my own hours and be my own boss. Maybe you should start your own company?

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    Curt - how on earth do you do that?

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    I know you are in the insurance business, have you ever thought about opening your own insurance agency? You would have to check with your government agencies to get the proper licenses and Incorporate, not really sure how it works where you are in NZ? It really is not that hard here in the states though.

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    Originally posted by Chris2:

    Any of you had trouble working, keeping a job or finding a job?

    I feel your pain. I worked for my prior employer for 8 1/2 years as a software engineer/developer. It was my first real job after being injured. I lost it last May and have yet to find a full-time job. I've been through my savings, 401K, and cashed in my life insurance to keep a roof over my head. When you go from making good money to nothing it puts a major jolt in your finances.


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