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Thread: work at home, get paid filling out surveys

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    work at home, get paid filling out surveys
    someone wants to make some money at home watching movie trailers and filling out surveys.

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    This sounds to good to be true!
    Has anyone done this before? Is it legit?

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    I've never tried any of these surveys where you had to pay them to get a survey. I do have my name on many list of survey places who do pay a few dollars for surveys and some places who give you points that you can then turn in for Gifts. I do a few simple survey that my name is put into a drawing for money but haven't won any yet. I do know several people who have.
    Most survey places give you random surveys and
    the ones who pay and far and few. Greenfield is one that pays $1 per survey but I find them long and not worth my time for one dollar.
    Pinecone is great if you find a way to join it is by invite only. Epolls give points for gifts. Some give $ Gift cert. E-mail me at and I will send you e-mail's
    "to join" (I get extra points) and you can check them out. They are free.

    Sarah's mom

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    same thing as *earn $15 an hour stuffing envelopes*

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